grant opportunity: Aurora // 09 oct 2018

The Aurora Group has just announced their 2018-19 Small Grants Round, offering organisations up to $7,500 for a NSW-based project supporting LGBTIQ communities.

Since Aurora’s beginnings in 1999, they have proudly supported organisations around NSW with over $900,000 in funding to carry out projects that support our community, from youth outreach to legal support, education to counselling and creative projects.

fast facts

Aurora is seeking applications by 5th November 2018 for funding grants of up to $7,500 from organisations committed to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or queer (LGBTIQ) communities. They provide grants to both specific LGBTIQ organisations and to generalist organisations seeking funding for projects specifically targeting LGBTIQ people.

As a guide the average grant awarded is approximately  $3,500 – $5,000. In 2017, they increased the maximum grant amount from $5,000 to $7,500.

eligibility criteria

  • Organisation must have DGR-1 status, or be auspiced by another organisation that does.
  • Project to benefit LGBTIQ people in NSW (organisation does not need to be NSW-based).
  • Applications will be measured against the following selection criteria:
    • Do you qualify: whether your project qualifies for Aurora funding (do you have DGR status, is the project for something that Aurora does not fund – see list below);
    • Benefit: how your project or activity will benefit the LGBTIQ community;
    • Alignment: how your project aligns with Aurora’s vision and values;
    • Objectives and strategies: the aims & objectives of your project and the demonstrated effectiveness of the strategies you propose to achieve those aims;
    • Feasibility of budget & timeframe: the feasibility of your project budget and timeframe (including detailed breakdown of income and expenditure); and
    • Capacity to deliver: your experience and/or demonstrated capacity to deliver the project.

Go to to apply for an Aurora grant, and also visit their indeqx listing below:

mack ebelt

mack ebelt

co-executive director // indeqx group


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