• Call Me By My Name is a Melbourne-based oral history project that centers the lived experiences of trans and gender diverse peoples, as authors and authorities of their own stories. We aim to respectfully preserve and share some of the rich and textured histories of trans and gender diverse people of all ages, places, abilities, and backgrounds. Call Me By My Name is also committed to connecting individual stories and experiences to a larger history and context, while still foregrounding those singular narratives. We believe in the ethical, social, and political importance of listening, learning, and remembering.

    We want to create a space for people to speak their own truths, and narrate their own histories in ways that make sense or are meaningful to them – and this may or may not take the form of a chronological narrative. You don’t have to tell us about your childhood or your contact with medical professionals. You may not want to talk about or use the term ‘transition,’ for instance. Or you may wish to ask or answer different questions. Call Me By My Name is meant to be heard as an assertion, an affirmation, a confirmation, a call into being, an act of resistance, a demand for recognition, an invitation, or maybe simply an introduction.

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