• The ENUF campaign aims to seek the experiences of both stigma and resilience in all of its many and various forms from people living with HIV.

    The ENUF campaign relies upon your voice and your stories.  It is a campaign that relies upon a whole crowd of people thinking about stigma and sharing their experiences.

    ENUF is the theme to tie it all together and make it recognisable.

    ENUF is the token, the catch phrase and the call to action.

    It communicates one clear meaning "ENUF" while at the same time it opens up consideration for multiple meanings. It's direct, it does not waste any time, it's resilient and defiant.  Its a word, anagram or possibly an acronym, it's ENUF.  ENUF resists ignorance and apathy – it demands attention and discussion it is a campaign message that is both simple and obvious, yet it draws you in to discover more.

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