new listings // 03 mar 2019

It’s been a while, indeqxers! After launching indeqx in late 2018, we decided to take a little break to see how the website would grow organically and also to take some time to plan where we want this platform to go next.

Over the break, more and more groups have gotten in touch or popped up on to our radar, and we’re pleased to promote their cause via the indeqx network.

Image: Central West Transgender and Gender Diverse Network in NSW

Image: FOBGAYS+ in Sydney

Here are some new listings we’ve added over the past few weeks. They range from regional support groups, new festivals and online initiatives moving the world closer to equality.

A big hello and welcome to:

We’re so glad to have you as part of indeqx!

If you run an organisation and we haven’t listed it, please email us using the form on the Contact page.

mack ebelt

mack ebelt

co-executive director // indeqx group


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