new listings // 08 oct 2018

As indeqx is shared around, amongst the groups that are listed, those that follow us on social media and people that arrive just by searching online for queer resources, it continues to grow organically.

Within 6 weeks, we’ve jumped from 519 listings to 612, all thanks to community organisers getting in touch with us about their own group or tipping us off about another.

Our ultimate goal is for indeqx to never be definitive – we’re excited to keep uncovering groups and organisations doing excellent work within the LGBTIQA+ communities, and to inspire our searchers to build solutions in the areas where more work needs to be done.

Pics: UMSU Queer Dept (left), First Nations Rainbow (top right) and Welcome Here Project (bottom right).

Here are some new listings we’ve added over the past week. They range from parenting resources, podcasts, a trans health research centre and professional networking groups.

We’d like to give a massive shout-out and warm welcome to:

We’re so glad to have you as part of indeqx!

If you run an organisation and we haven’t listed it, please email us using the form on the Contact page.

mack ebelt

mack ebelt

co-executive director // indeqx group


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